easy!sustain – your quick-fix ESG tool

As a multi-purpose sustainability tool, easy!sustain offers straightforward support with ESG data management and enables you to keep track of your data without high-end monitoring.

Let our ESG tool do the work

Facilitate your data collection and save time on the preparation for your sustainability reporting or performance monitoring.

What is easy!sustain?

easy!sustain is a bilingual database solution tailored to customer needs. It was developed in cooperation with msg Plaut to collect ESG data and calculate material KPIs of customers’ choice.

Its uses can be versatile: it serves as a data management platform, ESG reporting software or an ESG analytics and carbon footprint tool.

The dashboard allows customers to track their most important developments regarding sustainability performance, such as their CO2 intensity and corporate carbon footprint, which is more time efficient than calculating the footprint manually. Moreover, customers can easily report material KPIs from the most important standards and frameworks such as ISO14001, GRI or EFRAG.

Benefits of using easy!sustain

  • Customized ESG database and dashboards
  • Easy-to-use platform for ESG data collection
  • Monitoring of sustainability performance
  • ESG reporting tool with flexible functions
  • Gap analysis of missing ESG data
  • Excel imports/exports for additional analysis and automized data collection
  • Calculating Scope 1+2 emissions directly

Use cases

Sustainability KPIs

GRI indicators

Carbon footprint

Sustainability strategies and indicators

CSR management

Waste management

Meet sustainability standards with easy!sustain

Enjoy the benefits of our centralized and yet tailor-made ESG tool:

denkstatt ensures that easy!sustain adds the most value to our customers. The number of users or data points depends on the customer’s requirements. Therefore, the most important key points of the database will be clarified in an initial meeting so that we can set up the ESG tool according to your needs. 

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