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Subsidity service for a plant



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Before the project, generation plants for steam, heating, compressed air and cooling were only available on a decentralized basis. These plants could only be operated in a highly fluctuating manner and were often in a poor efficiency range since large plants had to be operated in a low power range when demand was low. Due to efficiency considerations and site expansion, the construction of a ring mains network was planned, as well as the replacement of existing plants with more efficient ones – this allowed all plants to be combined into an efficient supply ring.

Our solution

A holistic analysis of the investment project was carried out by our funding experts to identify optimal funding opportunities. In addition, there was constant support for the funding process, from the planning stage, through the project application to the funding agency, to the completion of the project. This included:

  • Taking over the communication and complete processing of the grant applications with the relevant funding agency as well as support in the preparation of the final accounting documents
  • Support in the creation and preparation of funding documents as well as timely submission of funding-relevant documents
  • Support in complying with conditions from grant agreements

Client benefit

Due to the positive assessment of the project application, the client received a subsidy for the investment volume.

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