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Everything started in 1993, when a couple of friends founded denkstatt in a Café in Vienna, Austria. This has been almost 30 years ago. Today, in 2022, we are a group of nine offices located in six countries across Europe. All members of the denkstatt Group have one mission in common: We drive the change to a sustainable society.

The denkstatt Group in years

Within the past decades, more and more people and organisations joined the group. Each person of every single organisation decisively shaped our team and made us the group it is today: a strong partner in sustainability and environmental consulting with more than 200 specialists. This is our history of growth:

In 2022 we look back and celebrate 3 big anniversaries: The company expanded eastward in 1997 for the first time. Since 25 years, the office in Hungary is part of denkstatt Group. In 2007, 10 years later, our offices in Romania and Bulgaria followed and became an important part of the group as well.

A lot has happened in the meantime, respectively. The demand for scientifically sound and applicable sustainability solutions is high in all markets worldwide. The topic of sustainability has grown, and so has denkstatt Group. We are convinced, that the time has come to consider social and natural capital in modern business strategies. The transformation is unstoppable, and we accompany our customers on this path as a group. The great diversity of our consulting teams is the reason why we can handle even complex and international projects within the denkstatt Group – which is highly valued by our customers.

Because success does not come by chance, but requires experience, a lot of passion, and hard work, 2022 is the year to celebrate with our colleagues:

But we are more than annual figures. What makes our story special are those, who wrote it. And as we are growing to an even more significant and larger group, we have interviewed different people of denkstatt Group. What we have heard, we do not want to hold back! Over the next few weeks, we will share their personal stories and impressions with you.

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